America Greener Technologies, Inc. (AGT), a public company trading under the symbol AGRN, is an environmental technologies company providing process improvement solutions for the power, petrochemical and heavy industrial industries, by delivering significant cost savings while creating substantial environmental benefits through technology and services.

agtpolarchemAGT Polarchem™ Cleaning System provides online cleaning of boiler tube and heat transfer surfaces using a proprietary
non-toxic, biodegradable chemical formulation to treat the fouled fireside heat transfer surfaces of boilers and furnaces. This online cleaning system can be administered without shutting down the boiler or furnace. Through online chemical delivery, AGT Polarchem Cleaning System’s formulation is delivered directly into the combustion chamber or flue gas stream, producing chemical reactions to oxidize, neutralize and convert residues from combustion which could otherwise increase fouling, corrosion and air pollution. By lowering the acid dew point, fireside components are better protected from corrosion. AGT Polarchem neutralizes the fireside acids by converting them into neutral salts. These salts track both in the fly ash and bottom ash return. For most users these are critical benefits; newly enacted Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations require coal fired power plants to run more efficiently and reduce environmental pollution. The benefits are twofold environmental conservation, and plant shutdowns are reduced or eliminated, translating into increased electrical production and revenue.

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softwavelogoAGT Soft Wave Inc. (SWI) a non-chemical water treatment system, that descales water chillers and cooling towers, while controlling biofilm and algae. It reduces water evaporation and can save water consumption by 16% to 24% and more in some applications. It reduces maintenance expense and can prolong equipment life. Applying AGT Soft Wave Inc. (SWI) technology to all cooling towers and chillers can eliminate chemical cleaning, and can increase water cycles. The combination of reduced evaporation and increased cycles create significant water savings, amounting to millions of gallons of water in larger applications. AGT Soft Wave Inc. (SWI)’s patented technology is a leap forward in electro-dynamic water treatment. bulb2AGT Soft Wave Inc. (SWI) is a cost saving alternative to controlling calcium hardness and bacteria without the use of expensive chemicals or salts, while reducing and conserving valuable water resources.
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